Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Car Boot Bargains – August Bank Holiday Monday

Oh my life, you will never know how much I love a good rummage, especially when I come back with treasures beyond my wildest dreams.  Can you believe that I made a list of things to look for and I came back with four of them! I am so excited I don’t know where to start ….
Ok ….. I will do them in reverse order of excitement, building up to a crescendo of absolute joy!!
Picture 178
Largish  glass dish -  I saw it, I liked it, I bought it ….. £1 !
Wooden Picture Frames
Three wooden picture frames ….. 50p each, when I saw them I thought shabby chic, and as I type, this one is in the garden drying after its first coat of paint …. I will sand it down later to shabby it and if I am happy with the result, I will do the other two …. the centre of the flowers in each corner are begging for large clear flat backed gems, but for the sake of good taste I will resist! I am also wondering weather to replace the glass for a mirror.
Picture 169
I have an old fashioned taste in jewellery, I know this isn’t old but I love the colours and shapes, it’s a bit art nouveau – 50p – nabbed it!
Carboot Necklace
The drawers were the first thing on my list – £2.50 was my limit  but 50p grabbed it!  I want it to alter, then give it as a present. I have done one already, but you will have to wait a little while to see it as I have scheduled it for later.
Picture 174
This brocade effect pillowcase may seem an odd thing to put on my list, but I saw it on the market about two weeks ago and have regretted not buying it ever since but hoped it would still be in the huge box where I first saw it. (The car boot joins the market on Bank Holidays).  It cost £1 and with some flat backed gems and a length of black/silver velvet ribbon, it’s going to make the most stunning Christmas present sack ever!
Brocade Pillowcase ready to be altered
This canvas/cotton Topshop bag was another “look for” on my list and cost another £1.
Canvas Bag ready to be altered
I saw the bag below on Saturday in Accessorize, but it  was £28.00 – so I thought, if I could find a similar bag, I could embellish it myself with some of the bits I have on my shelves, save a huge amount of money and still be on trend! (I’ve been watching too much Gok me thinks!).
General Cross Body Bag
…….. And finally zee piece de resistance ….. I NEVER EVER thought in my wildest dreams I would find something like this ……
Leather Bag - Carboot Bargain
…. a Hidesign messenger/work bag (it looks nothing in the picture I know), but, when new, it would cost silly money -  £100 plus – I paid 50p!  It has three compartments, two with zips and has the most delicious leathery smell! The leather is so soft and I have set about polishing it with loving care.  I need to sew about 1.5 inches of one zip where it has come undone and the same in one of the corners, but otherwise it is perfect with a worn comfortableness, if you know what I mean. You can imagine how thrilled I am as I have been looking for something like this on e-bay for ages and although I have made lots of bids, bags I have fancied have sold way beyond my means …… Oh what a perfect day!


Belle xx said...

that satchel bag is beautiful, you certainly saved the best til last!
i went to a car boot sale today and got a pair of leather jazz shoes for just 50p! i do love a car booty
belle xxx
ellabellevintage.blogspot.com x

misteejay said...

I haven't been to a boot sale for years cos all the ones here became very expensive with far too many 'traders'.

You certainly came away with a good haul - enjoy your treasures.

Toni :o)

MoonDoggie said...

Wish I had as much luck as you with boot sales. Congrats on finding what you wanted.

Suzanne said...

Brilliant finds, Helen. What did you paint that gorgeous frame with? x

Craftyanny said...

wow that bag is a fab find Helen. L love the little glass dish too:)
What car bootie do you go to? Is it drivable from Glasgow?
Anne x

Bubbles said...

Every Sunday I swear I'll walk to the local car booty and grab a few bargains... trouble is, I never do - and ours is more traders than just people trying to shift some of their stuff. Anyways... I LOVE those photo frames... absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the finished detail you put on them. Oh, and have to say that your idea of making 'my' flowers red and using as poinsettia was just inspired - thank you!

carlytheprincess said...

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of those frames love love love them! Well done x

Leanne said...
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Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment to let you know I'm recommending you as part of BlogDay! See my next post coming soon for more info!

sh3ri3 said...

Wow great finds, those frames are lush! :)