Sunday, 1 August 2010

Handbag Card

This card started like this …… £1 from Poundland ….
Poundland Birthday Card
and ended like this ……..
If you're down and lifes a drag treat yourself to a brand new bag
Close Up of handbag card Handbag Card
When I first bought the card to disassemble, I envisaged using just one bag per card,( I thought nine  handbag embellishments for £1 was good going),  but I got a bit carried away and used six instead, not such a bargain!  But I still have three left, so I will now try and come up with an idea using just one at a time.
I’ve handwritten the little rhyme, if you write at jaunty angles it looks like it was meant to be that way, trying to write in a straight even line is a nightmare so I don’t even try.


RosieB said...

Love this one, going to steal the idea for my daughter who has a thing for handbags! :)

tricia said...

Love this card - never thought of 'unpicking' cheap cards. Love your style - always quick and easy.
x Tricia

wam73 said...

Wow I love this. Really nice card. x

Di said...

Oh Helen you make it sound so easy! I've tried so many times to write my own sentiments, but even jaunty turns out downright scruffy. love the card. Di.x

Tracey and Paul said...

I would never be able to write like that , your writing is so cool , and I love the bags !!

Merry said...

Beautiful...perfect saying to put on the card.

Paula Gale said...

I love your poem... did you make it up yourself? your card is far more personal than the original.

Paula x x x