Friday, 13 August 2010

Workman’s Tea and Cookie Card

I never know what I am going to be asked to make next ….. but this one takes the biscuit!!
 Cuppa tea and Cookie
I have a lovely lady who always asks me to put her husband in all of the cards I make for him, and always in his dungarees!
Cookie card
This time she wanted him with a big cup of tea and cookies……
The images are a mixture of digi scrapbooking from and clip art.
The man and his clothes are made Sizzix Bitty Body dies.
Not sure about this one!!!??


Lynne said...

This card will mean so much to the 'nice lady' you've made it for so that's all that counts. Thanks for your daily inspiration x

Unknown said...

this is fab - i bet the lady and her husband really love them, or she wouldn't specifically ask you... you provide her with a personal card that she couldn't get anywhere else. especially not on the highstreet.

Paula x x x