Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Finished Altered Canvas Bag.

Picture 241
If there is anything that I am guilty of on this blog, it’s being very enthusiastic about my latest carboot bargains, saying what I am going to do with them and then putting them on hold for months on end ….. 
…….but since Bank Holiday I have made a concerted effort to finish something ……… roll of drums …….. da da!
Accessorize Bon Voyage badge Set  Picture 201
My sister found the “Paris” badge set in Accessorize (£3) and when I rummaged through my bits and pieces box I found these vintage poodle and Eifel Tower brooches, perfect for my French theme.
Altered Canvas Bag 4
I’ve only decorated on side of the bag, because I thought the embellishments would catch on my clothes.
Altered Canvas Bag 3
I made a couple of flowers using gingham ribbon, perhaps the red one could have been a little smaller (I used 1.5 inch ribbon), and put an Accessorize badge in the middle of each.
Altered Canvas Bag 5 Altered Canvas Bag 6
I’ve added the other bits here and there…..
Altered Canvas Bag 7  Altered Canvas Bag 19
I didn’t mean to put a ribbon with the black poodle ….. but it hides an over zealous blob of glue I needed to hide!
Altered Canvas Bag 8 Altered Canvas Bag 1
The pictures make it looked a bit squashed and crowded, but I think I have got the balance about right.
Altered Canvas Bag 12 Altered Canvas Bag 13
And have I used my new bag ?  Mais oui …… on a shopping trip to Aldi.


Bubbles said...

It's wasted on a shopping trip to Aldi... surely Harrods would be more fitting - or at least Marks or a Waitrose store...? *lol*
J'adore le sac... c'est tres bon et joli. Beau et Ravissant.

I think I just typed:
I love the bag... it's very good and pretty. Beautiful and Stunning.

Highland Monkey's said...

What a great altered bag. You seem to come up with some great ideas. Love the Poundland motto!

carlytheprincess said...

Love this Helen1 Its looks gorgeous!

misteejay said...

Oo La, La! Tres chic.

Congrats on such a great creation from a carboot find.

Toni :o)

Julia said...

Fab bag.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

tres bien (if my french is right) - Very Good---well done on getting it finished so quick....I have projects waiting here

Belle xx said...

this is so lovely! i really like the french theme xx

Claireliz said...

great bag, I've got 3 more waiting to be altered

Craft Princess said...

I love this bag! I think it might be my new 'object of desire'...

Sarah said...

That bag looks stunning, congrats on completing it and not leaving it for another day

Alix said...

lol i love it...not subtle or anything...but hey...subtle is over~rated in my book!! ;0)

Debsg said...

That looks great and I adore the charms.

Fabric Flower fun said...

You have some really cute and beautiful crafts there. I love the flowers. Being a fabric flower maker myself. Neat blog.