Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hubble Bubble Halloween Sweetie Bag - Haribo Frogs

WHOOPS!!!!!!  Just noticed that I have spelt “cauldron” wrong !!!!!  I was trying to get the project finished to post in too much of a hurry ………… a perfect excuse to open the pack and feast upon frogs of a jelly nature!!!
Halloween Sweetie.Candy Bag, Hubble Bubble 
I love these jelly frogs but they are not the easiest sweet to work with as they are a tad sticky, but I thought that they were ideal for Halloween and witches spells etc.
Hubble Bubble Halloween Favor
The witch is a 3D sticker from a Poundland pack from last year, but I am sure they will have them in again this year.
Frogs in Halloween Favor Bag


fifib said...

Great sweetie bags, I'd never have thought to use the green frogs. I'd best get making mine.

Hugs Fiona x

furrypig said...

great idea love the green frogs... where did you get them from?? I have lots of frog fans in the family!!!

PepPop said...

I love the green frogs - I remember making green frog jelly one halloween. Love the witch. Jaqui x