Sunday, 26 September 2010

Inspiration …….

Oh my life how cute are these bracelets  ……

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I have seen other bracelets made using dolls/miniature tea sets and have often stood and ummed and ahhed when I have seen sets in Poundland, but have never taken the plunge …… I think I may just have to now ……… I could be so on trend!!!!!


I have also noticed, as I passed on the bus, Wolverhampton has now got a 99p Shop – I wonder if they have a little tea set?


G S P Crafts said...

You make me smile,everytime you show another of your raids on the £1 shops.

Sandra said...

We've just got a poundland in Epsom now ... so I'll be visiting that next week I think.

Anonymous said...

Poundland is my new best friend :)

These are sooo cute, I think I might have to join you in this trend!