Monday, 6 September 2010


On Saturday I was inspired by another blog to display some of my cherished possessions ….. but I was also overwhelmed by generosity, can you imagine how excited I was when the postman asked me to sign for THIS parcel?
Picture 170
Especially when I saw who it was from…….. agggghhhhhh!!
Picture 171
Only Poundland!!!!!  Oh my life!
Picture 173
It was crammed with all manner of treasure.
Picture 175
It was like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!
Picture 176
One of my projects has featured on the Poundland blog,  so they know about my blog, which makes me feel a bit famous ….. but this gift was a lovely and much appreciated surprise!
You know when the Queen gives Warrants to her favourite shops ….. I wonder if I can officially use the Poundland logo as my warrant as – Official Crafter of Poundland Goods!


Merry said...

So well deserved....and looks like you are sure going to have loads of fun....can't wait to see your creations. Congrats.

Belle xx said...

you are very lucky:)
i bought that ribbon pack in store recently myself

camcraft said...

Very Much Deserved :-) What a lucky lady you are. Such a lovely surprise indeed. You are going to be one very busy lady. Maybe when Poundland need a celebrity to open one of their new shops they will invite you to open it as 'Official Crafter of Poundland Goods! :-)
I was in poundland myself today trying to find some chocolate foiled wrapped lollies, but seems it is too early for them :-( I am wanting to make some of Lisa's idea of B'day lollies. I too saw the lovely ribbon today but as I already have way too much I left it for others. I have some of their sequins too, they really are wonderful. I used them recently to embellish some RS cupcakes. Looking forward to seeing what inspires you with all your goodies.

Julie said...

You lucky thing you!

I wish someday that would happen to me. :o)

I love poundland too!

Julie (elysia2003)

Anj said...

How amazing and what a lovely surprise - enjoy creating! x x x

carlytheprincess said...

Oooh lovely, how exciting!
Let us know what you create, hopefully Poundland will feature you again x

misteejay said...

Oooooooo, congrats on your goodies - have lots of fun playing.

Toni :o)

Judith said...

Fantastic! Well done you very well deserved.
I look forward to seeing there new shop signs
endorsed by fiddle fart.


sh3ri3 said...

Bless, i bet you couldnt wait to get in that box!! Glad to see Poundland are sharing the love, with some of your great makes im sure you have helped with sales - i know i go there more often on the look out!! :) enjoy!

KraftyKaren said...

Oh what a lovely surprise Helen, I look forward to seeing what you make.

Lou and Mel said...

What an exciting start to the day! You must be a very valued custmer indeed!

Ali said...

Congratulations - plenty to keep you busy there!!! Cant see wait to see what ideas you come up with xx

Doreen said...

Oh wow, well done you. How exciting. I too go into Poundland more often after discovering your blog. Can't wait to see your creations and well done Poundland for acknowleding what you do.

Carmen said...

I never even knew Poundland had a blog! Very welle deserved - you are the Poundland Queen after all ;) How nice of them to do that too.

Carmen said...

Welle? ooer - scusee my spellings!

Twiggy said...

How brilliant and well deserved !!!
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

woo hoo. Fabtastic. You are the crafting Queen of Poundland. aking beautiful cards and pressies. An inspiration. Wonder if they need a DT member???

Bubbles said...

Oooh... so jealous here! But congrats... lucky lucky you!