Monday, 17 January 2011

Girl with a Balloon Card

Girl with Balloon stamped card
I’m not very happy with this card, it needs a lot more fuss and froth, it's far too plain...... and this coming from the woman whose mantra is less is more! I am afraid I can't colour in like the professionals, even though I have used Pro Markers. My flesh tones are more akin to a menopausal hot flush than the blush of childhood excitement! Anyway, I have put it on my window sill so that I can glance up at it now and again and then hopefully get inspiration on how to finish it. I think it needs some writing on the left hand side or something....

Girl with a balloon stamped card 1
As you know, I don’t stamp a lot, but I couldn’t resist this little girl from Stamps Away.  I liked her because she isn't all doe eyed, whimsical and cutsey.  As you can see the stamp is quite small.
Girl with Balloon stamp
The balloon sticker from a set from Accessorize, which is in perfect proportion to the stamp.

Looking again, on screen,  this card is just pants, too pink, the mat and layering is all wrong..... agh!  Oh well, back to the drawing board!


Maybe, Baby said...

I like it!

The gingham is a real cute!

As a much more inexperienced crafter, this would be one of my 'good' ones!

Lemons said...

I love it, too. I am only just starting on this card making malarkey, and I'd be chuffed to bits if I produced something like that!

Just Luverly said...

I love it too!!.....what about a little bird in the left hand corner?
The evil streak in me is thinking coming to pop the balloon!!

Circle said...

Helen it's not that bad, honest! I think maybe if you had some colour underneath your bottom mat, maybe a strip going from edge to edge?
I think the stamp is so cute, it's so lovely to see one that isn't all cutesy!
Promarkers are a bit of a learning curve I'm glad someone else out there isn't a professional :) What color are you using for the skin tone? I've got a lovely color called 'Blush' that I use and for the cheeks a apply some red/pink eyeshadow or proper blusher with a cotton bud!

Chrysalis said...

Hi Helen - thanks for being brave - it's so good when crafters share all their work, not just the stuff they are really proud of - we can all learn from and encourage each other. Would some 3D additions give a lift and some added dimension? Keep it up, and thanks again! x

misteejay said...

I think you are being way too hard on yourself. The way you have coloured the image is very in keeping with its style - such a fun stamp.

Toni xx