Monday, 11 October 2010

Oh My Life!

I wonder if anyone else has spotted the rogue wibbly wobbly eye that managed to stray onto my Advent House!!!!


Ali M said...

Oh yessss...just looked back n spotted it ..!!LOL..maybe its 1 of santas elves keeping an eye on you ??

misteejay said...

Do you mean the one on the number 2 of the 24 LOL - perhaps it is there to make sure no-one cheats and goes for the wrong days...he,he.

Toni :o)

Glen said...

LOL...I had to go back to find it Helen! *Ü* ~Glen~

Judith said...

Well now you posted that I just had to go back and look.
Funny I did not spot it when I was trying to count the gems x