Friday, 5 November 2010

Jingle Bell Phone Charm & Key Ring

I love jingle bells, they are so cute.  I try to hold back, but when I see the lovely ones they have in Paperchase each Christmas, I just cannot resist them, but I thought it’s about time I made something with them.
Jungle Bells Christmas Phone Charm
So, I have made a jingle bell phone charm using leads I found in HobbyCraft and jump rings that I have had for ages.
Hobbycraft Phone Charm Attachments
It only took a couple of minutes to make but there’s a bit of a knack to opening and closing jump rings, I’m not quite there yet, but I am getting better with practice.
Christmas Jingle Bell Keyring
I’ve also made a festive key ring, again using bells I got from Paperchase last year, jump rings and a blank key ring.  Simples!
Christmas Jingle Bell keyring 1
These are going in my Many Pocketed Advent Calendar, I just hope the ringing doesn’t drive the recipient mad!


camcraft said...

Oh Wow. Totally love them. I must get myself doen to Paperchase, the bells are just fab. I especially like your festive keyring :-) You are just full of such wonderful ideas.
Carole x

misteejay said...

LOL I love jingle bells but they do drive me nuts LOL

A couple of weeks ago the police had a stand promoting handbag safety (near work) nearly all the girls now own a jingle bell charm for their purses...boy does it get noisy when the tea trolley arrives.

Toni :o)

Tinkertaylor said...

Yet another great idea, off to find my local Paperchase

ziggy2407 said...

Wow Helen, is there no end to your talents? Love, love the keyring - keep up the great work.


littlemisspip said...

I keep eyeing up those bells in Paperchase and then managing to stop myself from actually them!

I would also like to hold you personally responsible for my new obsession with Paperchase stickers. I thought on Monday I will go in and see what Christmas ones they had so I bought some then, and then some more yesterday! I'll be blogging all about it over the weekend.

Keep up the good creative work! I really enjoy your blog and what you make.