Friday, 19 November 2010

Lovely, Lovely E-Mail – JLS Card

If it’s not being too “up my own bottom”, I really love getting “Follower Mail” – and look what I found in my “in box” yesterday!  How BRILLIANT is this card?  I really must start upping my game!!!
The e-mail was from Paula and said:-
Hi Helen, Thought I would share with you the card I made for the lady in work, for her grand-daughter.
I was going to use the newspaper template that you kindly emailed to me, but inspired by one of your past blog posts I decided to create the magazine card, more in keeping with her age (13). Her Nan said she is mad on JLS, and the rest came from that. Thanks again ”
I am SO thrilled.  I really do  appreciate every message that people send me and all  their lovely comments and if I can help anyone in anyway  you know I will, if I can xxx ……
Hopefully, after Christmas, I will try and produce a freebie file  for every month ….. I am already working on a series of all the year round  “Hug in A Mug” labels.


camcraft said...

oH Helen. Such a lovely Email :-) and such a fabulous card made by Paula :-) Just stunning.
Carole x

Ali M said...

Thas so clever..I wouldnt have a clue where to start!!

Paula said...

I had to look twice then when I saw my card then! Thank you and thanks for the lovely comments.