Monday, 15 November 2010

What’s In My Shopping Bag Today.

I am really trying to cut back, like every crafter I know, I’m always saying “I have too much stuff”  but I then, can’t resist a bargain, like these large puffy fabric stickers from Poundworld.  They are much larger than most of the stickers I use, but they are just so cute.  They had two other designs, but I resisted, thinking this was the set I would get most use out of.
Poundland Puffy Stickers
This next item is pure indulgence ….. £1 from Morrison's, it’s for my festive desk at work….. it even changes colour, how brilliant is that?
My desk Christmas Tree desk Christmas tree
I’m afraid my desk takes on a rather grotto-esque appearance in December, with fairy lights round my computer screen, and along my shelves, I have lots of  light up Christmas pens to use and drink from my festive mug ….. and that’s just for starters ……! I’ll post a picture when we are in the season of goodwill!
Tiny Gingerbread Man Moulds
Finally, do you remember the gingerbread man moulds I was thrilled to find ….. well they have arrived safely all the way from Japan ……
Picture 765
….. but are just a tadge smaller than I had anticipated !! Oh my life!!  However, I am still thrilled …. I am going to make such cute 9 square template cards in the New Year!


misteejay said...

Lovely purchases - the light tree is fab.

Toni :o)

Nikki D said...

the range has got packets of nice puffy stickers this year 1 pound for 2 sheets of A4 stickers