Thursday, 23 December 2010

Blog Hopping

You may have noticed that my “Places I Like To Visit” has disappeared from my sidebar. When I went through it the other day I found some had disappeared and others had not posted for a while, so I decided to have a spring clean (?!!!) and start again.
So I’ve been on a blog hop and found this lovely blog written by Leigh (one of my followers) which has a sewing theme, something I will definitely be trying to get into in the New Year,  using my trusty £7 Singer machine I got off e-bay.
Leigh makes such  lovely things and I was so jealous when I read that she had actually done a display of her work in a local shop window, something which I have ALWAYS wanted to do – in fact my post scheduled for 27th December is all about a window dressing course I went on in October.
Leigh also links to some fantastic blogs, my favourite has to be one called “ Crap I’ve Made” – what a brilliant name …… I howled when I saw it and I wished I’d thought of it first.
Anyway ….. have a look for yourselves……. why not give Leigh a visit ……

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Lilibet said...

Thanks for the link to Leigh's lovely blog.I shall enjoy redaing it.