Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Lights in the trees
Last night the trees in our garden looked magical with the twinkling snow and all the little lanterns that I lit to remember those special  people, like my Mother in Law, who won’t be with us again this Christmas and for all the people that I love, who am so lucky to have in my life …….
Candles in the Trees
And this is the most precious Christmas card of them all ….
Picture 999
…… nothing I could make would ever be this beautiful …… made by my profoundly handicapped brother, who has just turned 48, at his special day care unit ….. it makes me well up just looking at it.  Stunning!


Anonymous said...

aww such a special card!! It warms my heart that so much love must have gone into it!
Hope your Christmas is fabulous xx

misteejay said...

A card filled with love.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Toni xx

FairyD said...

Merry Christmas Helen and what a wonderful thing to do with your lanterns....that's beautiful as is the card your brother has made, it made me well up also just reading (and sensing) your pride.

May 2011 bring you joy, happiness, creativity and love.


FairyD x

Silvia said...

You are a truly inspirational person!! The lantern memorial is something beautiful, and reminds me that those I love who are no longer with me still light up my life!! Thank you for sharing and teaching. May God bless you with love in your heart, joy in your spirit and peace in your soul!