Friday, 17 December 2010

Jigsaw Pushpins and Fridge Magnets

Jigsaw Bulletin Noticeboard push pins
I apologise for the pictures, they are a bit dark, but hope you get the gist of what I have made.Jigsaw Bulletin Notice Board pins
The jigsaw pieces I have used are beautiful and came from my sister. I’ve had them for a while and as I was filtching through my drawers inspiration struck.  I’ve glued a plain pushpin on the back and then added one of my expensive, very sparkly, flat back gems to the front.
Push pin backs  Altered Jigsaw Fridge Magnet Back View
Pushpins made, I thought I’d make a few fridge magnets in exactly the same way.


Clairebears said...

I love your blog its so inspiring and really makes me want to have a go at different things. x

Ali M said...

what a wonderful idea..thanks for sharing all your fantsatic creations...
wishing you a very happy restful Christmas..and a safe and healthy 2011

D K Crafts said...

Love this idea. Donna

marc said...

Great idiea and a fab way to display such lovely looking puzzle bits i have a diy that cuts puzzle shaps so will give this a go will also look out for old wooden jigsaws you could then dip in pva and cover in ultra fine glitter and mud rock to make them look enameled that one stocking filler solved for next year along with your flower pins will have to start paying you royalties soon big love marc

PepPop said...

Oh wow these are so cool - my sister is a jigsaw fiend and she would loooove these!! Brilliant idea!!

Jaqui x