Thursday, 9 December 2010

My “Nightmare” Work Desk!

I thought I would give you a laugh today …… I admit, I must be a nightmare to work with during the Festive Season ….. my “less is more” mantra goes out of the window ….. and my colleagues are faced with this ……
I have so many lights plugged into my computer ports, it’s a wonder the thing  doesn’t explode!
Desk 1
Here you see my festive mugs, a jar of chocolate money (that needs topping up ..), for mid typing nibbles and a little bottle of bubbles for when I fancy a spontaneous Yuletide flurry!
Desk 2
I have collection of light up festive pens for taking seasonal minutes, a jewel encrusted computer mouse, calculator and scissors, plus a proper Christmas mouse stuck to my phone (the sticker says “I love answering my phone in a foreign accent” 
My festive desk 2010
It really is  a wonder that I haven’t been given my cards ….. especially considering what you can’t see includes an inflatable Christmas tree and turkey and a singing and dancing snowman! 
My festive desk 2010a
However, despite all this around me …….. I remain professional and supremely efficient at all times!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Anj said...

Love it!!!!!

Becky Bowden said...

I love this desk! lol. Those lights are funky, good idea! The sticker on your phone is also tres cool :D x

misteejay said...

It's wonderful Helen - we have to operate a 'clear desk' policy which I stretch at the best of times LOL but the most I've got at the moment is a couple of snowflakes and some tinsel garland.

Toni :o)

Pamela said...

I love it all Helen! You're so lucky to be able to fill your work area with the festive spirit. All our electrical things have to be check yearly, we can't hang decs from the ceiling in case they fall on customers and bring cases against us. We're not supposed to have any chrimbo stuff at all in case it offends any one who doesn't celebrate Christmas - Bah Humbug!
You go for it gal and enjoy the festive season to the full!

Leighuk said...

i love it! my old desk when i was still well enough to work looked much the same and i really want that calculator!!!

PepPop said...

I love it! I love it! I LOVE IT!!! Next year do you want to come and decorate mine - pleeeease! We don't have any decorations at all in my work (Bah humbugs that they all are!) although .... I do have a pencil that has a Christmas tree topper and a Santa that flies round it - ssshhh. Jaqui x