Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Another Primark Necklace Card

I was in a quandary about this necklace, I love the design  and have worn it once, but it didn’t sit quite right on my not too swan like neck …….
Primark Necklace
So yes, I have taken it apart …. it cost £3.00 and I reckon I will get at least 6 cards out of it.
Primark necklace Parts
However, as the flowers are not all the same size or style I  will have to vary the size and design of cards accordingly.
Card 1
The paper I have uses on these  cards  is from Craft House and is called  Allsorts.
Picture 104
Picture 110 Picture 112
Picture 113
I have 8 flowers left over – hopefully, inspiration on how to use them will come to me during the coming week.


Hazel said...

i love how you have taken normal items and turned them into crafty delights! The cards are beautiful, i relly like the paper with writing on, they set the flowers off a treat! x

K said...

Those flowers are beautiful, I am never going to look at the jewellery in primark (or anywhere else)the same again!

Anonymous said...

You are a clever lady. I love what you do with everyday things. You then turn them into something very special!
Well done.....

Janie said...

Amazing how you turn such things into lovely cards. I need to visit primark me thinks:)

Claireliz said...

Lovely cards.

Julia Dunnit said...

Posh looking cards, love the text paper.

sh3ri3 said...

lol, never cease to amaze! such a lovely card X

Paula Gale said...

Stunning - I definately feel a visit to primark coming on - maybe tomorrow??? You are so inspiring - thanks so much

Paula x x x

Angie from Sweden said...

really nice :)

twiggypeasticks said...

You are so clever and resourceful, lovely stuff.
twiggy x

A Bridal Artist said...

How cute and creative! :) the cards look amazing. Could you please share what did you use to stick them down to the card with? I'm imagining that the flowers might be too heavy to hold on to the card with a normal glue.