Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stamped Butterfly Cards

Picture 002
The stamp used in this card is part of a set from Stampin’ Up called Fresh Cuts (£18.95) bought for me by my daughter, for my birthday.
Picture 007
I printed it onto a cream patterned paper, and then rubbed a brown blending chalk over it, followed by Stampin’ Up  dazzling diamonds glitter for a bit of texture and sparkle. I wasn’t sure how the glitter would come out,  it could have been the combination of the black ink and the glue pen, but instead of drying clear, it came out a blue/teal colour which added extra colour I hadn’t expected.
Picture 009
I was so pleased with the effect and how easy the stamp was to use I experimented a bit more …..
Picture 013
You may recognise that the butterfly is from the Primark necklace I bought a couple of weeks ago.
Picture 014
For more details of the stamp set, click onto the Stampin’ Up link in the side bar.
Picture 016
I think my favourite is the first one, on olive green card.
Picture 018
I added a few bronze stars to this card – not sure if I really need them.
If I put all the cards together in a box it would make a lovely notelet gift set.


Angie said...

what a beautiful stamp and I love what you have produced with it ...I think the first is my favourite by a nudge.

Paula Gale said...

Wow - Helen - these are stunning.

I too bought one of the butterfly necklaces from Primark after you inspored me with your makes.

Thanks and well done.

Paula. x x x

Mrs Bs Blog said...

WOW WOW WOW!, what a wonderful set of cards you`ve created from the one stamp. Hugs Val xxx

Sandra said...

oohhh I'm so loving that stamp. Shows you how changing a few things, but still using the same image creates different but still gorgeous looks.

kirsticoo said...

Well done Helen, you did a great job...xoxo

Fröken Rimme said...

They are gorgeous! I have never tried scrapbooking, probably in an attempt to keep myself from engaging in yet another thing to do instead of studying, but you are so inspiring! I'll just have to think about it some more and maybe, maybe buy some paper and stamps...

Sally said...

What gorgeous cards - and a good use of that necklace! I really must look at the stampin up stuff! Oh and visit primark!