Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cello Bags for Sweetie Bags

The question I have been asked most often in the run up to Christmas is what cello bags I use for my sweetie bags. To be honest my answer has always been a bit wishy washy, as I tend to cut down bags I already have to fit the topper.  But I can understand that to someone just starting crafting this is a really rubbish answer ….. so I am now going to tell you properly …….
The best cello bags for sweetie bags with toppers measure 3 x 5 inches and are available  from the same lady as I get my pretzel bags from, they cost £1.99 for 50 plus £1 P & P – which I reckon is a pretty good price (I also use these bags to put my wish bracelets and other jewellery  in)
Rudolph's Chocolate Treats Favour Candy Bag
I like to put between 50 – 60 grams of good quality sweets in my bags and this size is perfect.  I hope this has helped a little.


Amanda said...

Hi Helen, love the gingerbread men are they chocolate and where did you get them lol. I am in love with gingerbread anything and would love to be able to get some of these.
Many thanks
Amanda xx

Nikki D said...

oh just the information I needed (I hope you get commission for the recommendation)
I have resented paying a small fortune in Hobbycraft for them

Nikki D said...

PS that link doesnt seem to work