Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year - 2011!

New Years Resolution
This was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law, she knows me all too well! Gym?  What’s one of those?????
Craftroom New Years Eve
And here before you/me is my lovely tidy craft room ….. I wonder what this New Year will bring?  Perhaps, it will be the year I can give up my present job and go into crafting full time ……. me thinks pigs will fly in great flocks and herds and hell will freeze over first!!!
So here goes with my revolutions ……!
To lose a stone by February 1st so that I can get into the ski trousers that sit on my bed post for my Czech Trip, goading me ……!
To try to do more RACKs (Random Acts of  Crafting Kindness) – I was been on the receiving end of so many last year, this year is pay back time.
And to keep on crafting and blogging!!!!  Happy New Year xxxxxx


Suzanne said...

Happy New Year Helen x

misteejay said...

I so want that tidy craft room - I need to get into mine and do some organising.

Happy New Year Helen.

Toni xx

marc said...

I love the look of it tidy but just for one day,as i want to see it covered in all your fab little works of art lol and as for giving out more A. R. K. you do that every time you share for free your ideas and talent on your bloggs thats why the love comes back to you have a fab new year Helen may your craft bring you back the joy it gives to others cant wait to see what new fiddle fart art you have to send our way , and as for ski pants if they are to small send me your size i am sure we will have some that would fit that you can borrow lol big love as always marc

Ali said...

Hmm I think your s-i-l has pinched my book - lol. I make those resolutions each year :-). Happy new year thanks for all your inspiration xx

kay said...

happy new year helen,i love visiting your blog,x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Good luck - I will watch out for the pigs! lol! Happy New Year xx

artydoll said...

Keep crafting them pigs may fly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Helen- you surely are talented enough to do this full time- it's finding the opportunity and exposure.
Hope you have a fantastic new year and I look forward to seeing your creations x