Monday, 10 January 2011

I’ve Been Hopping …… Morsbags

You’ve got to visit this site:-
I haven’t had time to make a “morsbag” yet, but without doubt I shall be making quite a few this year. The pattern is so brilliantly simple and can be downloaded free from the site.
The idea behind the site/bags is to make cotton bags for you and your friends etc. to try to eliminate the need to use plastic supermarket bags. BRILLIANT!


misteejay said...

These look pretty and very eco-friendly...I do try not to use carriers and normally have a bag of some kind tucked in my shoulder tote.

Toni :o)

camcraft said...

Love the blog etc. and the etos behind the bags. Reminds me of a local independent crafter who is just lovely, she makes 'rag bags' the fabric bag is then placed in a fabric pouch, not only great for ease of storing/transporting when doing the rounds of the local fairs etc. but great in keeping it tidy for when not being used. I purchased a fair few as Christmas gifts - they were a real hit, especially so with my parents. I put the rag bags in their Christmas stockings.
Carole x

Leigh the sewing diva said...

I made one late last year. Love the pattern but those side seams are harder than they look (at least they were for me). But mine working fab and brilliantly strong. Planning on making some for family too