Sunday, 2 January 2011

Knitted Tic Tac Mint Cosies

And……  the prize for the “Most Unnecessary, Too Much Time On Your Hands Craft Award” goes to ……….. Moi!
My husband is seriously addicted to Tic Tac mints, so I decided to make him a set of cosies to fit the large and regular size boxes for his “New Years Tut”  They made me laugh so much that I thought they deserved a post of their very own!
Picture 962 tic
Now…….  just in case anyone would like the pattern !!!!!!
I used size 4 1/2 mm needles and some double knitting wool.  For the large size - cast on 27 stitches and knit 25 rows of knit one row, purl one row and then 3 knit rows for the top, before casting off.  Sew up.
Picture 963
For the smaller size cast on 16 stitches, knit 16 rows of knit one row, purl one row and then 3 rows of knit  before casting off. Sew Up.
That should keep his mints warm!!!


misteejay said...

LOL - can't have his mints getting chilly - LOL

Toni :o)

Suz Brill said...

Love them!!

Suz x

marc said...

just what a man needs big love marc

Loraine Arderne said...

That sure made me laugh, genious idea!

jodpea said...

This may actually be a serious problem, I always keep a pack in my car n I fairly sure they froze in the recently wonderful weather! said...

Brilliant, and I agree with jodpea, I keep a tub in my car, they get cold & then warm and sticky, Yuk, these might be the answer!! thanks:)