Thursday, 6 January 2011

Retro Dressmaking Card

This card measures 17cm x 12.5 cms.
Vintage Dressmakers card
Remember all those old tape measures I plundered?  Well this is my first project using them, and it’s quite a different style for me……
McCalls Sewing Book
I’ve cut out illustrations from this very old McCall's sewing book to make a background collage.  I bought it for no more than 10p from a car boot sale. It must date back to the 1950’s judging from the designs in it, which is why I bought it in the first place.
Picture 1005
After making the centre collage panel,  I glued on the fabric tape measure and made a rough bow,  then matted it on black card.
Vintage Dressmakers Card 1
I was going to leave it at that, but then remembered some brass sewing charms I had been given, so I added them to the corner of the card, continuing the sewing theme.
Vintage Dressmakers Card 2
I’m not sure if I will let this card go ….. but it’s one tape measure down, and about another twenty three to go!


misteejay said...

You could even frame it and have it in your craft space - it looks fab.

Umm, I have a bit of a bone to pick with you - you have set me off on a new obsession...mug hugs. I'm up to 8 so far LOL (at least I'm using up my stash of yarn - heehee)

Toni :o)

Helen said...

I am soooooooo sorry Toni xxxx

carlytheprincess said...

This card is SEW beautiful! My new favourite of your creations!!! Right up my street. Never thought of using old sewing patterns before!

craftingdi said...

Absolutely brilliant!

marc said...

Helen great card love that you are doing new things dont forget to photo copy or scan your collage panels before you mount or embelish them that way you always have a copy should you want to make another as you will never find that book again i often do it and just keep them in a file you could also do a whole a4 size photo copy of a collage of the tape mesures that way you will have a fab back ground paper like a music sheet you dont have to glue the tapes down just stick the overlay on the back of a A4 bit of card down with tape ,also you could make Monkey Darrell or Nigel some cool belts out of the tapes ,also a bit cut and put in to one of your memory frames with a few of those brass charms ect would make a great pendent for some one who likes neddle work or even used as the cord to hang it from big love marc

manicstamper said...

Gorgeous Helen.

FairyD said...

Now that's clever!!!

FairyD x

Sandra said...

Keep it, keep it, keep it ... or give it to me LOL. I just adore this card, such a clever idea.

Suze Bain said...

I agree - keep it. It's a piece of art.

tilly said...

A super card, surely you cannot part with it !

Cheryl Winget said...

This card is fabulous - "sew" many ways to use it, e.g. "I'm 'sew' glad you're my friend," "I'm 'sew' thankful," "Sew happy for you," etc.

Suz Brill said...

Lovely Card!
Pop over to my Blog - There's a little surprise for you!!

Suz xx

Anj said...

gorgeous - i just love it!