Thursday, 20 January 2011

So Many Bags …….

So Many handbags Card
The little handbag stickers come from Mei Flower bought from NEC Hobbycrafts (they also have an on-line shop)
So many handbags Card 2
There’s not a lot to this card but it is ideal for a girl who can never have too many handbags!


its all peachy said...

i love this card.
This would be the perfect card for me lol


misteejay said...

Ooo I work with someone who would be perfect to recieve a card like this - she seems to have a new bag everytime you blink LOL

Toni :o)

marc said...

Great card you can never go wrong giving a lady/girl/women a bag and if you cant affored the real thing a card with bags on can work just as well lol i have been making handbag toppers all week once you start you cant stop great card big love marc

Mama J said...

I think these 9 square cards are great, they are very simple to make and yet look really effective. Just how I like it. You are a real inspiriation and I've started my own blog with makes from your ideas. Thanks