Saturday, 12 February 2011

Marks and Spencer Mini Gingerbread Men

Marks and Spencer Mini Gingerbread Men
Look what I found today ….. 99p for 12 – don’t know if I can bear to eat them!

Daft Question ...... do you think they would varnish .... the sell by day is sometime in November, so goodness knows what's in them ..... was wondering if I could add them to a festive wreath??????


G S P Crafts said...

Never seen a gingerbread man look so scared before, do you think he heard you were going to eat him?

Amanda said...

My Mum bought me some of these for Christmas and they were gorgeous, really spicy and gingery, loved them. I am addicted to all things gingerbread men related, she also bought me the chocolate lolly with hundreds and thousands and i even ate my hubbies one it was so scrummy lol.
Amanda x

tilly said...

wow, you really do spot the bargins lol

misteejay said...

Now I'm sure I would never have found those - love gingerbread.

Toni :o)

oneoff said...

If you like tea, try their Earl Grey shortbread. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Highland Monkey's said...

That's a bargain. Dunk the head in a know you want to!!

susibee said...

I'd prefer to eat them than varnish them but I'm sure it would work - that's what you do to the salt dough figures.
If you check out my blog I have left something there for you.

Leigh the sewing diva said...

for 99p give the varnish a go on half (6 should be plenty for a wreath) then have a cup of tea and munch the other half!!!