Sunday, 6 February 2011

What’s In My Shopping Bag Today

Tesco Chocolate Ladybirds
Woo hoooo,  Tesco chocolate ladybirds, there are 23 in a net for £1.00, with a best before date of December 2011 and they taste pretty good too!  I have stocked up, because although they are supposed to be for Valentine’s Day, I am thinking ahead to Mother’s Day and Easter.  As soon as Valentines is over Tesco won’t have anymore, so it’s a case of buy them when you see them.
Chocolate Love Tokens and heart Shaped Lollipop
From Home Bargains chocolate love tokens – 9 in a pack for 39p, with a best before date of 30.06.12.  I’m not too keen on the sentiments, but they can be covered up with a punched scalloped circle, the other side has an embossed heart and arrow which is OK.  The lolly was also 39p, which I thought would be OK as a stirrer in a Valentines Hug in A Mug (sachet hot chocolate, marshmallows, a couple of tokens and a lolly).


Suze Bain said...

Mmm, might just have to buy some of those ladybirds for a 'taste test'!

misteejay said...

You find the most adorable sweeties.

Toni :o)

tilly said...

wish I liked shopping lol
Tilly x

alljoinin said...

Ohh thanks tesco tomorrow need some mothers day craft for a few preschoolers and been looking for chocs, did look in tesco will search with eyes open now