Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What’s In My Shopping Bag Today …

I am really cutting down on my craft spending this year, but while out shopping yesterday couldn’t resist these Primark bracelets - £2 each, made up of 8 large rose beads.
Picture 115
I am thinking of using them as single embellishments on boxes and bags for Mother’s Day.
Picture 116
And this is for me, I have lot of ideas, but I’m not sure what to try. I wonder how it would cover with Decopatch …… or if I could stamp on it, or just ink it …… then whatever I do, I   am planning on covering it with several layers of Utee.  I may even have a gem that will fit the eye ….. hmmmmmmm!


Caroline Hallett said...

I love PRIMARK for embellishments - I always scour their reduced broken jewellery bit -and pick up right gems for just 50p or a £1 - they had some great key things at new year - with 5 keys and a rose on them for £1 - I scooped up a load! Love your idea for the swallow and you have got me thinking.... cheers Cx

carlytheprincess said...

I bought those bracelets too! Am thinking of covering a cheap frame or mirror with the roses for a vintage look x

Suze Bain said...

I too have a box full of jewellery (mostly reduced items from Matalan), I really must try to use some of them up. Love the bird, if I were you I'd go back and get a few more!

Bubbles said...

Oooooo.. I love those bracelets!! Can't wait for our Primark to open, only 20mins up the road, whereas at the moment our nearest is 1hr15 away and we don't go very often!
Look forward to see what you create with your new goodies.
Joanne x

marc said...

you should make a mould of it and then you could make lots of them big love marc def needs a gem eye t