Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Arrival Card

Star is Born Card
I don’t seem to have made a baby card in ages.  I was a bit stuck for ideas at first, as all the baby embellishments I had were pink.  In the end I plumped to use my newspaper template.
Picture 043 
The baby was a free clipart image, that I have made several simple decoupage layers with, adding a pair of googly eyes and Anita’s 3D clear gloss finish on his vest for extra dimension.
Star is Born Card a


marc said...

fab card i need to get that newspaper template of you as have to make a baby book and his would look fab on the cover with a picture of the baby on were your little boy is you should put the newspaper template up for sale i would buy it streight away big love marc

Cheryl Winget said...

I love this idea for a baby card! I have used your newspaper template idea for birthday cards but would not have thought of it for a baby card. I think it's perfect and so out of the norm - the parents will love it!