Thursday, 10 March 2011

Silhouette Update

I got a reply from Silhouette, so last night I was able to use up all the remaining credit I could have lost if I had not contacted them!  I have also learnt to read the small print!  But I wonder how many other people have been caught out like this if they haven’t renewed.  To be honest I struggled to find designs I liked to use my credit, which is why I won’t be renewing my subscription!
Thank you for your alert. We apologize for any confusion. According to your account, it appears that your subscription has now elapsed. The end date was 3/2/11. Please note that according to the subscription terms, subscription credits may only be used during the term of a current subscription. Please note further that if you were to opt to renew or sign up for a new subscription within 30-days of your previous subscription ending, any remaining unused credit would be re-activated and be usable on your account within that additional 30-day window from the end of the previous subscription.
In light of this misunderstanding in that you had not been aware of this policy, we have extended your subscription through the end of tomorrow (3/10/11) so that you may use any remaining credit you may wish to use.
The Silhouette Support Team


marc said...

so glad you got it sorted i hate loseing money which is what would have happened,Why not use it to look for things you can use on thankyou cards you said you need to make more of those well done for getting your credit back big love marc

Paula said...

What a rip off! Glad you managed to get it back, as that is so unfair.