Monday, 4 April 2011

Easter Bunny Money

I can’t claim this idea as my own, ALL the honours go to follower Anj -

Easter Bunny Money

She left the comment below when I posted this picture of a net of Easter chocolate coins I found in Morrison's (99p). I’ve never seen chocolate coins for Easter before but I quite like the idea.
Picture 693

Anj said... oooh! I got some of the Easter Money at Morrison's - put it in a cello bag, sealed it off and put a decorated card topper across the top of the bag and doodled 'Bunny Money' on it - looks fab
Easter Bunny Money a
Thank you Anj for the inspiration.  I’ve just added foiled bunny and carrot stickers left over from last Easter, googly eyes and a few flower stickers. Simples!


marc said...

Great little easter treat would be nice to have on the lunch table as a little extra gift great make big love marc

Anj said...

aww thanks for the credit Helen - looks brill, love Anj x x x

Jayne said...

Thanks for all your lovely ideas, I used this idea and made it a bit defferent by making Easter Bunny Poop, and If you've seen Hop the movie you'll understand why they were bags of jelly beans lol, Thanks for all your insipration xx