Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Exciting News – Scrap’ n Easel

I had an e-mail this week from Marlo L Letterle, owner of ContainYa Crafts asking me if I would like to review her new Scrap’n Easel, making me the first person in the UK to lay my little mitts on this product, how exciting is that?
Scrap'n Easel
But I thought while I was waiting for it to wing it’s way from the US I’d give you a sneak preview.  I am really looking forward to seeing  how it works, especially seeing how it feels working on a slant and the potential of it’s display mode, as I am struggling getting my cards photographed at the right angle at the moment,  Embellishments etc. can be held in place by magnets allowing you to really play with a design before finally putting it altogether which is also an interesting prospect. 
I’ve added these links just in case you’d like a closer look: http://www.cricutcartridgestorage.com/


Suze Bain said...

Lucky you! I'm not a 'scrapper' but it looks like a handy tool. x

Anj said...

think it looks like a fab item to have - is the surface a self healing mat to cut on - now if it is then it would be brilliant!! not a bad price either - can wait to read your review

Helen said...

Not sure if its a self healing mat ..... but I am very excited!