Thursday, 21 April 2011

Not Such A Bargain …..

Woodworm table
I saw this very small table as soon as we drove onto a carboot sale site in Devon a few weeks back, I was determined to get it and couldn’t believe it when the man only asked £3 for it, I had visions of covering it with lovely papers or giving it the shabby treatment  …….. however when we got back to the car we discovered why it was such a bargain …..
It’s riddled with woodworm!  At the moment it’s been confined/quarantined to the garden, I think it’s going to cost me more in woodworm stuff than it cost me to buy ….. but it’ll take more than a few creepy crawlies and some pongy potions to put me off!


Emmy said...

aww what ashame, it's a lovely wee table with potential.. I like your attitude that these wee beasties won't put you off :) good luck and look forward to seeing what you do with it honey :)

love emmy x x

Angie said...

Helen 1 ...woodworm 0

Georgia said...

ewwwwww woodworm. When we moved in to our new house when I was 8, the entire house was riddled with it.

Like not even joking, not one single bit of wood wasnt covered in holes. It was the sickest thing.