Thursday, 14 April 2011

Show Jumping Cards

Both these cards measure 5ins x 5ins and are made using white linen effect card.
Show Jumping Card 1
I don’t usually buy horsey embellishments, but I thought these foam stickers from Poundworld  looked fun, and might appeal if I added them to a couple of cards in my box at work.
Showjumping Card
I only got two cards from the one pack but I shall be very interested to see if they go.


marc said...

i have a friend who would like both these cards and buy them streight away they are fun if your a horsey person and like peps who love dogs and cats horsey peps buy horsey things lol great cards big love mac

Indigo Blue said...

These are brilliant. remind me of Thelwell horse cartoons. We had several of those books and my sister and loved them.

Suze Bain said...

These made me laugh, especially the second one. Great fun cards. x

insideout said...

Oh I love those animal stickers from Pound World. They were doing three packs for a pound in my store, so I had stocked up on all the different kinds they had.

I used the ladybirds as a mothers day card which said "Love 'n' bugs on Mother's Day" which went along with my ladybird themed gift bag that I made from an A4 envelope. Another card (that I had to make quickly) just had a sheep on the front and said "Happy Birthday to Ewe".... not particularly original... but it done the job! haha.

Love the horses. I think these cards would be really popular! :)