Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beaded Tealight Holder

Beaded Tealight Holder
I have had a spray can of Plasti-kote glass frosting in my craftroom cupboard for at least two years now …. another victim of one my many unfulfilled ideas …. until now!
Frosted Night Light Holder
I got a smallish mint sauce jar and stuck self adhesive stars all over it before giving it two coats of the frosting with my fingers firmly crossed, that it worked, it did!  I peeled off the stars very carefully and was thrilled with the results.
Beaded Tealight Holder 1
Don’t ask me how I made the beaded hanger …. wire and wire tools are a mystery to me, but somehow I did it with lots of wire twisting!! Not perfect I know, but it’ll do me.


Suze Bain said...

This is so pretty. Another great idea! x

marc said...

thats fab you can also use spray paint just hold the can about 12to 18inchs away from the jar and spray thin even coats just wrap the jar in a paper dolly for lace effect on the out side of the glass or you could us real lace and spray varnish just a thin coat of pva on the lace/ dolly to hold it in place and then spray big love marc

Bubbles said...

So pretty - and perfect timing, with all this beautiful weather and balmy evenings... imagine sitting in a garden surrounded by these beautiful creations one evening. Ahh... lovely! :)

SueB said...

These are just so lovely, and give such a wonderful effect when in the garden. Just lovely!!! Suzie xxx :)

Anj said...

its lovely Helen - you would pay a fortune for something similar in certain 'trendy' shops!! Well done x

furrypig said...

great project thanks for sharing it with us all

Sandie said...

Well, I think it's brilliant!
Well done!

Sandie xx