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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lili of The Valley School Girls Cards

Both these cards measure 14.5cm x 11cm and are made using white linen effect card.
Lili of the Valley Ltd
How sweet is this stamp? I don’t normally go for the cutesy or doe eyed but I couldn’t resist this stamp from Lili Of The Valley.
I’ve kept everything very simple as I am not a very good stamper, It might look a bit better with a few added paper flowers, pins and strategically placed fancy lace, but I’d just end up over egging the pudding, my only concession was a dot of Ranger Glossy Accents on the school badges and a tiny gem on the shoes.
Picture 058


Anj said...

just right.... flowers, pins and fancy lace would spoil the image

tilly said...

2 cute cards, love them both