Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pilfered Wooden Spoons

I am a terrible tea leaf ….. but when I saw these wooden spoons in the sugar/sweetener/stirrer section of a snack bar called Yums, I couldn’t resist popping a few in my bag.
Wooden Spoons from Yum
Any ideas what I can do with them?????


Circle said...

These spoons are just so lovely and smooth, I don't blame you for 'borrowing' a few!
I'm not sure what to do, maybe attach to mixes or hot choc mixes? Or how about stamping or writing someone's name of the 'bowl' bit of the spoon like this?


Anj said...

dip the spoon bowl in melted chocolate, let the chocolate set, fiddlefart them up to give as little individual gifts or as part of a choccy gift set! I'm sure when you have finished with them they will be to your signature fiddlefart standard!!

Jem said...

Clock hands, drink dippers, small *love* spoons, flowers, personalised special dessert spoons.
That's it the creative juices have given up but I'm sure you will have a fab idea lurking... :o)

Ann said...

OMG you are worse than me!!! These are just gorgeous - don't know where there is a cafe of this name near me but wow they better lock their spoons up.
Not sure how to use them - stamped and altered - stroked until inspiration strikes - I'm sure you will do something amazing.
Ann xxx

Suzie Q said...

Wow these look lovely how sad are we getting excited over spoons lol x
i think i would make them into little people do you remember as a kid making people out of the big wooden mixing spoons!!
looking forward to your decision x
suzie Qx

marc said...

Lol i am sure you will do something fab with them and have to smile a long with Suzie Q only a crafter could get so excited over spoons lol big love marc

qwiksave said...

I saw these and thought of you as they say:

Pinkcoke said...

maybe do a twist on the wedding spoon idea? aren't they meant to be pressed palm tree bark or leaves? I saw it on the dragon's den once...