Monday, 16 May 2011

Primark Bag – Monsoon Test

Altered Primark Bag 1
I got a small piece of material and drew a couple patches using the felt pens I used ….. and yes, the colours ran to high heaven, as I had expected, but that was a full on, soaking comparable to a monsoon!  So, not a bag for the Wolverhampton rainy season or for putting my wet swimming trunks in …… just a bit of fun ….. but next time, ….. though the colours are not usually as pretty, I would use proper fabric pens!


Paula said...

Helen - I got a set of SetaSkrib fabric pens and the colours in those are good. I didn't just want the standard red, blue, green, etc, but this set has got pink, purple, light & dark green, light & dark blue, and so on, so will give a bit of tone. I haven't got round to using them yet though!

marc said...

they work well i would run a hot iron over the finnished iteam as with a lot of fabric inks they set better with heat acrylic paints can work to if you iron with a hot iron when dry big love marc its still a fab bag

Paula said...

That's right, Marc, it says to set them with an iron. Can't wait.