Monday, 30 May 2011

Tiny “Jam Pot” Light Place Setting

Mini Jam pot tealight 1
When I get an idea in my head, it’s hard for me to let it be until I finally make it.  I eventually sorted out a small enough candle to fit by using a watchmakers tin I had forgotten I had, (but in future I will use metal, screw bottle tops, which I am now collecting).
mini tealight
I drew flowers on the jar using a Cern’ gold outliner (Lefranc and Bourgeois).  When the outliner was dry I coloured in the petals and leaves using glass paint pens, adding a flat backed gem in the centres.  Then to cover the groves at the top of the jar I went over them with more gold outliner and adding a few more gems before it dried.
Mini Jam Pot Tealight
Using the Macro on my camera to get right up close it looks a bit blobby, so perhaps I need a bit more practice with the outliner, but I think that after a few more tries these would look lovely on a place setting, before the start of a “posh” meal and am already thinking about a Christmas version without the outliner.


Bubbles said...

Once again I am blown away and bow down to you, Your FiddleFartedness *curtsey*
It's just so sweet... wonder if I could use cheap candles from the 99p store and cut them up to use in metal screwtops?... I am so going to have a go at this!

Lilibet said...

How cute is that!
I can just see a string of them hanging across the garden in the summer when it comes!

Keri said...

Saw this tutorial and thought of you -

marc said...

fab what more needs to be said opps you did it again lol big love marc