Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vest Bags

I came across this idea while blog hopping and just had to have a go.
I got the vests from Primark for £2 each and all I have done is sew across the bottom of them (a couple of times) in less than two minutes flat! How brilliant is that? I love the site (see link below) and there are lots of other bag ideas I would also like to try.
T Shirt bag
The size/capacity of the bag depends on the size of the vest, for these I’ve used size 8s, which stretch pretty well.  But, there are so many possible variations, depending on the size of the vest and the desired length.  For an example a larger vest would make a brilliant beach bag.
T shirt Vest  bag T shirt bag 2
I am now on the look out for string vests ……. a white one would be my first choice and then perhaps a couple of coloured ones, red and/or black?
Plus vests with pictures on the front or beaded embellishment etc …… Of course, the vests don’t need to be new and could be found in charity shops or carboots.  This could be a project I will come back to, with variations over the summer.  But if, as I plan to, want to make a few for Christmas presents, I had better buy the vests now while they are available in abundance …….


Prim n Raggedy said...

Brilliant idea!! I have a couple of designer vest tops that are too small now (must have shrunk in the wash lol!) so I will be trying this out at the weekend..... I have often made trendy cushions using regular T shirts, but didn't think of this....thanks Helen!
Carole x

Merry said...

Oh I love this idea.....it is never ending really when you start thinking about it. Thanks for sharing.

Nicky said...

Hi I think your blog is amazing pop in most days and have my fix, love most of the things you do, think i shall be sorting through my t-shirts and also have some cotton yarn that i brought for something else and never used so may be bag knitting to x keep up your good work x

alifrew said...

What an amazing idea!! Can see myself having a go at this sometime soon. I am a bit of a fan of tie dying, so might get some white ones to try. Will let you know if they work xx

Suze Bain said...

These bags brought back childhood memories. When I was little my mum crocheted me a tank top made with granny squares. When I outgrew it she lined it and sewed up the bottom and I used it as my school bag. That was at least 35 years ago!