Friday, 24 June 2011



I am not sure what’s going on with blogger, but I haven’t been able to see my Followers gadget for a month now, I believe some people can, while others like me can’t which means that people can’t become Followers ….. I’m not the only one and there are a lot of people in the same boat but it is frustrating, it’s taken two years and a lot of hard work to build up my little group!  I am e-mailing Blogger but as yet don’t have a solution!  I’d be interested if anyone else has the same problem.


Hazel said...

I hadn't been able to comment on blogs for weeks recently. I read some advice about logging out and un ticking "keep me signed it" or "remember me" whichever it is, I logged back in and it had fixed my issue. Unsure if this will work for you but worth a try :)

Suze Bain said...

My followers disappeared one night but then reappeared the next morning. I can see your followers. I was having a play about trying to change my blogger background and depending on which background I chose, sometimes I could see the followers and sometimes I couldn't. Maybe worth having a little play around??

Debs said...

My followers have been missing for months blogger have not responded to me, if you do find a solution can you let me know.
I have has so many problems with blogger I feel like giving in.

Thanks for great Posts.

Hugs Bee

marc said...

i dont have a blog loging on is hard enougth for me but i can see your followers sorry to thick to help lol big love marc

Mrs A. said...

Hi Helen, Have had trouble commenting on other blogs for ages now and my blog counter keeps disappearing too. I can see your followers but again have had trouble trying to become a follower on several blogs. Maybe blogger has reached saturation point and needs a bigger server.
Hugs Mrs A. & Monkey.

Pamela said...

I can see your follow button.
I was having problems commenting but as Hazel (1st to comment on this post) has said if you log on and don't tick the 'stayed signed in' box then it clears the problem.
Love the flower by the way.

Paddington fan said...

Just a thought but have you tried changing your web browser. I switched - well actually hubby did it - to Google Chrome and so far I have managed to avoid most of the latest wave of blogging issues. Not sure whether it is just luck or the new program!! Hope this might help, Love Jacky x

vplum said...

I still can't see any of your photos it's been about 3 months now. So sad. I've been able to see your followers for a while. Weird.

Bubbles said...

616!!!!?????? :0
Yup... I can see your followers *lol*

I've noticed this problem on quite a few blogs lately - and over the past few months, blogger has had one problem after another it seems. Hope yours gets sorted soon... best thing to do is have a quick shiftys at google and see what blogger have said about this problem, and especially what other users have tried to fix the problem.

Indigo Blue said...

I have a prolem with my Flickr widget thingy and have done for months. I think others cn view it. I have had problems commenting on blogs since Christmas yet had no problems beofre this time. My comment average has plummeted (could be my posts are not as intersting!) too so visiors may be having problems too. I like my followers too as I can link to them and it is encouraging to see a group of people who like what you do enough to make that click. Lets hope it all gets sortd out soon.

Lilibet said...

Yes been having the same issues.Some people have not even been able to view my blog!!
I think I have sorted out all the other issues now apart from the followers not being viewable.
I was even contemplating leaving blogger but after all these years I cannot be bothered just over the followers missing.I'm sure they will ort it out eventually.Mine happened after I changed the links for my backgrounds so it may be something to do with that.
Hope your well.

Hazel said...

Just to update you, i accidentally let my iphone 'keep me signed in' and my laptop then didnt display my followers. i logged my iphone out and it fixed the followers on my laptop