Monday, 6 June 2011

Nautical Inchies

Nautical Inchies 1
I have never done “inchies” before …. so I thought I would have a go …. oh my life, I like to work small, but this is ridiculous,  I almost needed reading glasses over my reading glasses!
Nautical Inchies
I decided to start off very simply, using four nautical charms I already had and stuck to two main papers, plus tiny scraps of a couple more to add a bit of contrast.
Picture 115
I’m not sure if there are any rules to inchies, if so I have probably broken them, because once I added the silver matting they were everso slightly over the inch!!


Roni said...

We've been moving house Helen and I've a good few days to catch up in your blog and my haven't you been busy!! Your pendants, your microslide's, memory frames . . . everything is simply gorgeous! What lovely gifts they would make that is if you have it in you to part with them, I dont think I would!

Hugs Roni :O) xox

marc said...

wow they are fab( i am far to young to know what a inch is i only work in septic i mean metric lol i wish) who cares about rules they look great and if there for you and not some regemental swap then its perfect big love marc

manicstamper said...

Oh Helen....they are gorgeous.
I love nautical.

Amanda said...

Wow - the detail is amazing for such tiny pieces!


insideout said...

Oh these are wonderful! I'm having a beach wedding abroad and so everything is going to be 'beach themed' (original or what?!). I've added these to my "ideas board" and will definitely figure out a way to incorporate them! Eeee excited!

They look fantastic Helen!... I'll go look out some glasses first right enough....

Jem said...

Great idea for a Father's day theme - we have a father in this house who would love that! Fab as ever 'Fabulous Fiddle Fart!!' Janex

Anj said...

I love these - don't think I've ever done anything on a nautical theme so could be the start of something.... x

tilly said...

wow, never done inches, takes me all my time with larger cards lol
love the charms

KraftyKaren said...

Wow they are gorgeous - what a fab way of using up your very small scraps.

Never done inchies before and couldn't really see a use for them but grouped like you have on a card they are really effective.

Thanks for sharing with us.

KraftyKaren said...
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Rustyhammer said...

Love your nautical inchies!

camcraft said...

As far as I am aware Helen.. no rules as such for the inches except that they are an inch square. Totally loving your inches, the detail is stunning. Not had a go with them myself only admired from afar. Will add it to my 'Must have a go soon' list.
Carole x