Sunday, 31 July 2011

Pins and Things Decopatch Tin

Pins And things Decopatch box
I used an old Altoids tin to make this little box for my daughters sewing basket, covering it with Decopatch paper No. 455
Altoids tin
I learnt from my disaster a few weeks ago not to cover the  the part where the lid rim covers the sides with the paper, I tried to do this as neatly as I could, but think I could have done it a bit better.
Pins and Things Decopatch box 2
I printed off the label and then cut it out using a Nestabilities label die, which I stuck onto the lid, followed by several  applications of  clear glossy varnish all over covered the tin.
Pins and Things Tin Box
Inside I put some green felt on the bottom and on the inside the lid to make it look all posh and professional!


Mrs A. said...

Very posh and professional it looks too Hugs Monkey & Norm.

Anj said...

nothing wrong with it, looks very pretty - you too harsh a critic! have a good day x x

Anj said...

sorry - meant to say too harsh a critic about yourself. Cross Stitch magazine has a lovely giveaway atm - a pin tin designed by Pink Petticoat and its full of goodies if anyone needs one x

marc said...

i just love tins and ones in sewing boxs are the best you will have to make her one for buttons and one for neddels try putting some low tack masking tape around the seal and butting the streight edge of the paper up to that, it might give you a cleaner line if that what your looking for
it look fine to me i love it also i think it would look good with a aged label giving it a victorian look big love marc

Panda Power said...

This is fantastic! I'm addicted to decopatch, and I made myself a sewing tin a while back, until I saw this, and it reminded me of it - so I decopatched myself a box to put all of my decopatch papers in!
Your tin looks amazing!
Off now to decopatch some lip balms...