Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Poppy Card

Poppy Card
I can’t believe how long this card took me to make.  I love the paper and the embellishments (poppies are one of my favourite flowers along with sunflowers) but coming up with a design was a nightmare, everything looked PANTS. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and try a mix of papers, but I’m so rubbish at it.
K & Cp Poppy Papers
The paper and embellishments are from K & Co by Tim Coffey and are beautiful,  but in the end, after at least an hour and a half I went for “simple” and just added three brass dragonflies to add a bit of bling and texture.
Picture 015
It’s so hard, I wish I could mix and match my papers and embellishments like other bloggers do, perhaps I should find a template and design I like and work from there, making small changes with each card I make, till I finally “get it”


Bubbles said...

I love lillies... but poppies are so gorgeous too. The Himalayan blues and the ruffled pinks are pretty... but it's the deep red poppies that make me take a deep breath in... so so beautiful.
I love your card - the little dragonflies really finish it off beautifully.

Anj said...

Know what you mean - we must be on the same wavelength.... I'm hopeless unless I have white/cream somewhere - I like your finished card though, very pretty I love poopies x

Anj said...

oops! should be Poppies not poopies - urgh!

marc said...

lol i am so glad other peps make spelling mistakes mine are so bad i love the card try not to over think things go with your gut feeling your card is fab and i would also do what you said till you feel you can trust your judgment good to see you going out side your comfort zone it wont be long till your a real pro at it big love marc