Saturday, 13 August 2011

Two Baby Cards

Both these cards measure 5ins x 5ins and are made using white linen effect card.
Baby Card
The rabbit embellishments were leftover from my none too successful foray into making Easter cards from a kit, I didn’t want to waste them, then I had an Ulrika moment and thought babies ……
Baby card with Rabbit
I’ve just added  ribbons and  rattles. The rattles match perfectly and came from a pack of puffy stickers from Hobbycraft.  I don’t usually mix plastic stickers with paper embellishments, but with the closeness of the colours I think I’ve got away with it this time.
Welcome Little One


marc said...

they do work well together like the little buttons i just found my big tub of them so will use them more big love marc

jules said...

Adorable Helen!!

Anj said...

so cute x