Monday, 26 September 2011

Recycled Plate Stand

I made a recycled blue and white cake stand about a year ago and still love it as much now as I did then.
recycled cake stand
Making another one has been long overdue, so when the girls at school said they were raising money for Children In Need by making cupcakes I said that I would make them one to raffle to go with the theme.
recycled cake stand 2
I’ve used three lovely plates that were given to me, they are not graduated but I think the idea still works. In between the plates I have used some very fancy shorts glasses  that I got from a car boot sale in the summer, I think I got 15 for £1.50 in total.
recycled cake stand 3
All I have done is stick the tiers together using an Araldite type glue, trying to keep them as lined up as I could.
recycled cake stand 1
Et voila!  It’ll probably be another year now before I do another one!


Suze Bain said...

This is so lovely, beautiful plates and would be great for displaying all sorts of things. xx

Libby said...

Ohhh, very interesting!! I like this! check out my blog if you like nail art

marc said...

Helen this is fab and i have seen ones that dont hold a candle to yours for sale in london for £30 +
these would make fab christmas gifts and as Suze said you can display so much more on them than just cup cake you should make some more big love marc