Sunday, 16 October 2011

Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags

Trick or Treat Bags Candy Sweets
I have put off and put off making my Halloween Trick or Treat bags for ages…. but I have finally gathered up enough bits and pieces together to get them done.
Halloween sweets candy
I’ve made full use of the offers in Tesco and the Co-op for nets of themed chocolate sweets priced at 2 for £3 and then made up the bulk using Black Jacks from Poundworld, 5 pks for £1 and the genuine packets Thornton's Rock (sell by date 2012) from Poundland and my favourite ….
Halloween Lolly
….. fruit flavoured skull lollies also from Poundland, with 25 lollies in a pack!  Halloweentastic!
andys nokia 466
I’ve used a different Poundworld sticker on each tag so there is plenty to choose from.Halloween Tags 2
I’ve made half cute and cuddly for little ones, as I don’t want to be held responsible for nightmares and slightly creepier ones for older children and adults.


marc said...

well worth the wait love the mix of sweets, but those tags are fab i would buy them on their own all day long if i was having party they would look great on a invite or on a card and as a goodiebag take home big love Marc

Bubbles said...

Great ideas... as always! And great bargains too.
BUT... have to say that the skull lolly is positively evil looking. Love it! *lol*