Sunday, 23 October 2011

Last Halloween Make Of The Year

That’s it ….. I’m not doing any more Halloween stuff after today, as per usual I think I’ve done it to death, pardon the pun! Halloween Frog Trick ot Treat Bags
…. I’ve used up the last of the chocolate frogs I found in Marks and Spencer a while back, made the toppers using  my nestabilities label die, added a few foam frogs and wobbly eyes …… done!


Just_a_bean said...

These are my favourite ones so far!! Very cute in a halloween way

marc said...

You don't do things to death you give us a chance to make things you have to start early when you have such fab ideas thanks for all the makes because like it or not Halloween is now a big thing in the UK thanks to TV etc i would love to see some Th of November things but half the kids don't know who Guy Fawkes was penny for the guy guv lol big love and thanks for the makes big love Marc