Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Bucket Tea Light Holder

This is probably a VERY naughty thing for me to do, but I have always have my camera with me and in January I was in a gift shop when I saw this festive bucket in the sale, I was too mean to buy it, but I took a sneaky pic because I liked the idea. Shhhhh!
Christmas Bucket
Below is my version ….
Enamel Bucket Tea Light Holder
I got home and was looking through my bits and stumbled upon the little green bucket I had forgotten I had, which is almost an identical colour, ‘twas fate.
Picture 113
I set about making the fringe using white felt and sewing small jingle bells on it.
 Picture 115
And then used some red Dylon 3D glitter paint for the lines.  When the paint was dried I stuck the fringe onto the bucket using a strong PVA glue.  To be honest I think the 3D paint is too thick and blobby and if I were to have another go, I think I would just use a red micro glitter and PVA glue.
Picture 142


tilly said...

Well, I think it was a sensible thing to do, even if the bucket was in the sale. think I agree about the glitter, but fab all the same

Barb Cady said...

You clever girl! What are you going to store in it? x

marc said...
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marc said...

great re make i to would do micro glitter but its still fab could even stick a few descale or rub on snow flakes around it big love marc

lonidan said...

I take my camera everywhere I go,you never know when you'll need it! Totally different Christmas Idea and agree about the glitter but still very festive. Louise xx

Janice said...

ooh I've got a bucket...I could do that too. I have taken a few sneaky pics in my time, it amazes me what people will charge for things that are so simple to make yourself.