Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Wish Bottle Tree Decoration.

Wish Bottle
This bottle came from a child’s bead/jewellery making set of 12 bottles all filled with beads for 99p.  I’d tried looking for similar empty bottles on e-bay but the prices were stupid, so I’ve emptied the beads into a big pot for another project, and just used the bottles.
Wish Bottle Tree Decoration
The bottle is approximately 4cms tall (not including the stopper).  I’ve put a piece of paper into it with “wish” written on both sides and then added a few punched silver snowflakes.  On the outside I have stuck some small silver glittery self adhesive snowflakes (Anita’s I think). Finally I’ve put an eye with a screw end (not sure what they are really called) into the cork, all it needs now is a thread to hang it on a Christmas tree branch.


marc said...

love it very Alice in wounderland if you had cut the snowflakes out of copper foil added a few cogs it would have been very steampunk big love marc

Twinkle Star said...

I love them too - very magical! I know what you mean - I have looked for these little bottles too, (to make a necklace), but they were indeed silly prices! x

marc said...

look at teast tubes cover platic looking tops with fimo or cord micro beads ect put a ring like yours in it a decorate they are a bit bigger but still look good as you can wrap the fimo around the out side add gems and even fill with liqued big love marc

Peonies and Pennies said...

What a lovely idea, I'm going to make one for my Little Miss to hang on the tree.