Thursday, 10 November 2011

Elizabeth Mint Shaw Mints Revisited

Hope you don’t mind another post from Christmas past, but I still get questions about them from MSE and newbies here.
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps Christmas EditionIt wasn’t my idea, I originally saw them at a Stampin’ Up demonstration at the NEC and just though what a brilliant idea and have been making them every Christmas since.
Copy of Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps Christmas Elizabeth Mint Shaw Mints
The punches I use are from Stampin’ Up (the plain one measures 1 3/8ins), however there are a lot of other nesting punches out there, including these (below), but I can’t advise you on which ones you need as I haven’t got any actual experience of them.
Hobbycraft Santa Stickers
This year I’ve used these flat stickers (Hobbycraft 99p) I’d have preferred something with a bit more definition but  so far I haven’t found any “new” puffy, 3D stickers … but I am still looking.
Elizabeth Mint Crisps  I make a front and a back ….
Christmas Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps 2
…. and sometimes I use a little bit of sellotape on the foil  to stop it ripping, if I make a mistake an have to  reposition the mint etc. I use double sided tape to stick everything together.  Then I pop four mints in alternating colours in a pretzel bag and tie with a ribbon.
The pretzel bags measure 2ins x 9ins and I always get them from this e-bay seller.


Mags said...

My great-aunt Elisabeth Shaw (no relation!) would have loved these fabulous makes! She always brought 'her' chocs when she came to visit!

luv, Mags x

Willow said...

Have you had a look at Paperchase for stickers? Starting from £1 per pack with some designs on 3 for 2 offer.

On a different note, did you know about the raft fair at Bantock Park on Saturday?

marc said...

love your mint makes always worth showing big love marc

Anj said...

so inspiring!!Christmas Lizzy Shaws on the cards for me tonight - x x

KraftyKaren said...

Thanks for the inspiration - I have kept this bookmarked and finally got a chance to make them - on my blog here -

Karen x